Crow on a windowsill

mostly wood

Long Flight Home

There are different versions of this piece. These pieces are painted on both sides and can be suspended from a beam, free in flight, or hung on a wall. Construction, wood and metal.

Road Runnin


Tilly Loo Loo Bird


Flight Plan


Shore Bird


Preened Green


Small Owls

Small owls vary in size and price. Owls shown are approximately 6in. 6in. +/-

Cutter Birds

With wings outstretched. 8in.x9in.

Aboriginal Rain Owl

This substanial piece can either stand or hang. 22in.x13in.

Owls in Flight

Metal with wood. 16in.x15in.

Royal Crested Ring Necked Goose


Waterwheel Bird

Made with a rare piece of an old waterwheel from New England. Enhanced by many other objects of delight! 14in.x24in.

Small Bird on a Disk


Small Bird on disk


Strollin Blue Birds

15in. and 12in.

Owl in Flight

This piece is powerful, full of mystery and intent. 23in.x46in.

Although pieces often sell quickly, sometimes right out of my studio before completion, this selection represents my style of work. As each piece of art is unique, I can not re-create an exact duplicate. If you see something you like that is Sold I would be happy to email you pictures of similar pieces.