Meet The Artist

Nina Fox Herlihy

Growing up in Concord, Massachusetts, I spent many long hours exploring the natural world around me. Upon graduation from Pine Manor College in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, I attended Kirkland, (Hamilton) College in Clinton, New York, where I studied graphic arts, etching and art history. After graduating I was employed for many years by Acoustiguide Corp as an International Museum Consultant. With the birth of my son I stopped traveling and became the Activities Director at a local nursing home. This period gave me the opportunity to combine my love of art with enriching the lives of the residents of the home who were a joy to work with.

Now I am fortunate to be able to work exclusively in my studio in our old farmhouse in Rye, New Hampshire. My found/carved/painted pieces often begin while on early morning walks with our dogs. I use a wide variety of objects to create sculptural eco assemblages called *Herlihedrons. Because of the diversity of materials often provided by Mother Nature herself, no two pieces can ever be the same.

I create birds, fish, dragons, flowers, mermaids, human, animal/human type creatures and landscapes, among other pieces. These all come together through my imagination and the piles of materials that I am constantly collecting. The shapes, textures and colors all combine to form highly personable creations that evoke humor and escape for the viewer. It is my hope that these pieces bring people closer to humanity and the natural world.

My Herlihedrons have flown the coop South to the Caribbean, West to Alaska, and across the oceans to St. Petersburg, Russia and Bhutan. I am told they roost there bringing joy to their present owners. I hope they bring to you the same delight.


*Herlihedrons = Herlihy - my last name + hedron - a combining form + Soulful - what is expressed in each piece + Synthesis - a combination of parts so as to form a whole + eco - a combining form denoting environment = A Soulful Synthesis Eco Assemblage by Nina Fox Herlihy. (Thanks to Kevin Beane and Melinda Salazar for this creative definition of what I do.)

The artist working